Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Special Day

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Floraaaaaa.....
Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy birthday Flora! Its your big day today and I hope you are having a wonderful time up there celebrating this special day. I believe God gave you a day off today to celebrate your special day :) Enjoy yourself and I just want you to know that you are so dearly missed by family and friends.

We love you as much as you have loved all of us.

p/s: I know you would not mind me taking the liberty of writing on your blog today :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Dear Friends,

Flora has just left us peacefully to be with our Lord this morning at 0530hrs. Praise the Lord.

Wake is being arranged at St Joseph's Dying Aid at Hougang Ave 8, next to the Nativity Church, opp Punggol Park.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Prayer for Flora - 22 Aug 09

Dear All,

Flora's family suggested a Holy Communion or Psalm 91 prayer to unite all friends and family of hers at 9pm, Saturday, 22nd Aug 09.

Please join in the prayer for Flora.

Thank you.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Dear All,

Just received an sms from Flora's brother, Terence this morning:

'Thanks 2 u all being great friends n in vigil. Flo feels better n I hope 2 take her out 4 breather this evening'

Please continue to pray for Flora to give her strength to fight on. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayers for Flora

On behalf of Flora and family, I have decided to take the liberty to post it on Flora's blog.

Flora's family has arranged for a recitation of Psalm 23 at 9pm on 19 Aug 2009.

Please join in the praying where ever you are and pray for a miracle recovery for Flora.

Thank you all.


Friday, July 24, 2009

God really plans in advance...

Now i know the reason why he had allowed me to balloon to a very obscene weight in the past 3 years despite all the chemo treatments that I underwent. When most people lose weight which each chemo treatment, I bloom like there is no tomorrow.

My appetite was excellent, and boy can I eat!!! I ate everything, sometimes i feel rather shameful of my greediness. I am most often than not hungry.... I could not ever understand the meaning of no appetite.

This is all to prepare for the stage I am in now.

On a Bad day...
Breakfast - 4 Spoonfuls of Oats with hot water
Lunch - 3 spoonfuls of whatever mummy tries to cook for me... or else , its one pack tau huey from NTUC

Dinner - Lemon water and maybe 2 bites of bread

Good day (like today)
Breakfast - 1 cup of hot tea no sugar no milk, and about 3 pieces of char siew chee cheong fun

Lunch - half a cup of macs Strawberry Sundae, bite size piece of fish

Dinner - Bite Size piece of fish with 2 spoonfuls of eggs fried with long beans (no oil)

I have the energy to walk around, and my thunder voice is still at its peak, because of all the energy (fats) I have stored in my body collected over the last 3 years.... :)

See God really plans in advance :D

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hope & Faith

Hope & Faith......
The past couple of days , these were the main 2 things that got me through some of the difficult times, other than the love from my family and friends :)

This just kept going through my head.....

" Hope gives me reason to fight to live for one more day.... Faith gave me the strength to live through that one more day!"

Ixempra is not a easy drug to handle. With the minimum dose that I get, its already bad enough, makes me wonder whether this is really the best course of action I should take in my journey.

Friday Evening was a evening that truly tested my faith in God. Never have I cried out so loud for God to just give me enough of the pain that he knows I can bear, and to take it all away when he knows I have reached my limit. I am glad he did not disappoint me.

Mum played a huge part in getting me through that night, alot of massaging on her part, and the constant ensuring that my heat pack was hot enough to help me take away the muscle bone aches that does not allow me to lie, sit or do anything. With a tummy that seems to want to burst any moment, it was so uncomfortablt that the thought of just taking a knife just to stab through that ballooon to relieve the bloatedness did cross my mind.
Of course I did not Silly *grin*

Its just when you are feeling like that, morbid thoughts does hit my head from time to time... so please forgive me .... its that dramatical side of me that I believe *whisper* I have inherited from my father HA HA

I did not dare to call Jie (as no one was home till about 9pm that night) Cos i had to make that awful sound which ironically helped me to cope with my breathlessness and pain. I know calling jie would just put her into this unnecessary panic mode and she would probably insisted to call an ambulance then...... which I know it was really not necessary at that point in time. Cos somehow I know, that pain was just something I had to go through that night, and I will be much better the next day.

A good news about that night was that, it made mum learn how to say the rosary. I have to say, I am now very very sure and Jie is also now convinced that our intelligence definitely came from mummy's genes HAHAHHAHA poor dad....

Well, you see, my mum had minimum chinese education, she has never had any formal lessons on the language English. Saying the Rosary for the uninitiated, is not an easy task, what more when your grasp of the basic english is not even there. I am proud to say that, that night itself mummy managed to memorise half of "The Creed"
its just plain amazing!!!

Middle of that very night maybe about 4am Sat morning, I could feel my tummy softening and the muscle pain fading away, which allowed me to finally sleep soundly enough for a couple of hours.

Some of the other side effects of Ixempra that I had was mild nausea, and also tummy pain, but each day, I just get better.

Appetite is bad, everything is quite smelly HA HA...

Mummy gives up on making food for me, she called Jie to complain, cos the porrdige she made, I said smelly, the mee suah she cooked was "bleah"

all i can stomache mostly is a couple spoonfuls of oats and lots of hot water, Lemon water helps, but i realised cold water is not good for tummy pain, so now i drink alot of very hot water.

I keep my water intake minimal, cos I realised if I space out my water drinking, it helps to keep the bloatedness in my tummy down :)

Ok back to Hope and Faith

The Hope that keeps me going is , to be able to have a 2nd chance to live my life right:)

My faith? God has his plans for me... I will continue to hope, but I live my faith in him, for only he knows. Maybe my 2nd chance will be here this life, maybe somewhere else that he has promised us :D

So if you have had a bad day, have Hope, and then don't let go of your Faith.

When you have your reason to hold on, Faith gives you the strength to keep that hope going :D

2 more days when I am back to the full human me.... Till then I will definitely write a much more cheerful and less scary journal .... so there till then...hold on to that Faith :D

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